Santa Biden Is Coming To Town With The Promise Of Cash For Tim Walz

As the MinnFlation Rate Spirals Out of Control – President Biden and Governor Walz Team Up to Tout Massive Government Spending 

Rosemount, Minnesota – – ‘Tis the season, Governor Tim Walz must be on Joe Biden’s nice list.  Just days after Minnesotans paid more for their Thanksgiving than ever in history, Governor Tim Walz is going to join President Joe Biden at Dakota County Technical College on Tuesday with the promise of a holiday miracle. Governor Tim Walz and President Joe Biden will highlight a massive federal spending plan that will be funded by taxpayers.

Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Chairman, Kevin Poindexter commented on the Governor’s appearance with President Biden, “The truth is this appearance is a political sleight of hand trick. The Governor has no plan to address the rising crime rates or massive MinnFlation he has caused our state. Minnesotans can’t expect anything that the Governor is doing to bring them relief. While Minnesota is experiencing all-time crime rates and Minnesotans are struggling to make ends meet it is incredibly tone-deaf to tout a massive spending plan that Minnesotans are funding with their tax dollars. The only thing this press conference proves is that Governor Tim Walz’s agenda is the same as President Biden’s agenda and he has no plan to address the problems facing Minnesota.”

Minnesotans are feeling the pinch of the national inflation issues caused by poor economic policies but the inflation is affecting Minnesota far worse. In fact, the latest report showed the Minnesota region reaching 30-year inflation highsand leading the nation in inflation rates.

Home energy provided by Excel Energy recently proposed a 20% rate hike for residential electricity users and food prices are soaring. Inflation numbers are up across the board according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

  • Gasoline prices are up nearly 45.6%
  • New Car prices are up 18.5%
  • Household energy is up 19%
  • Utility Gas prices are 60.3%

Poindexter continued, “The Governor is taking pictures with the president and spending billions of taxpayer’s money while some of his key supporters are supporting a defund the police movement despite violent crime increasing across the state. The Governor is out of touch. Minnesotans need to know the truth and the truth is the Governor has a dangerous agenda that will have severe consequences for our state long term.”

The Foundation for Minnesota’s Future is a non-partisan nonprofit organization dedicated to informing and educating the people of Minnesota about the policy decisions being made at the State Capitol and the impact they have on the everyday lives of the people of Minnesota.

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