Governor Walz Wants Thanks for Returning 1/10th of Taxpayers’ Surplus

St. Paul, MN – Last week in a grandiose press conference Governor Tim Walz revealed a budget surplus spending plan that included $700 million in state rebates in the form of $175 for single tax filers and $350 for married couples. The Governor’s office pretentiously dubbed the proposed rebates “Walz-Checks” and insinuated the proposal would bring relief to Minnesotans who are struggling to make ends meet.

One massive detail one might have missed about the spending plan is the fact the Governor’s rebates total about $700 million while the state’s budget surplus equals $7.7 billion.

“Minnesota’s taxpayers overpaid the state and Governor Walz wants to redistribute the money to distract Minnesotans from his failures. These proposed rebates aren’t Walz Checks because the money doesn’t belong to him. This money belongs to the taxpayers of Minnesota. Giving one-tenth of a surplus back to the Minnesota taxpayers isn’t a gift or relief, it’s theft of taxpayer funds,” said Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Board Member Kelly Fenton.

“Instead, Governor Walz is stuffing state agencies and government bureaucrats plump with our money and leaving already struggling families and businesses with leftover crumbs. It’s insulting and Governor Walz should be ashamed. A one-time payment of $175 isn’t going to make up for a lifetime of higher taxes and costs of energy, consumer goods, and fuel prices, all of which have risen under his disastrous economic agenda. Governor Walz should save the theatrics and do the right thing by returning the money where it rightfully belongs – the people of Minnesota.”

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