The Walz Wreck

Under Governor Tim Walz’s Leadership, Minnesota has become a wreck.


The inflation rate is higher than it has been in half a century, and there is little sign that it is stopping – most predict some sort of economic recession on the horizon. The numbers from the Bureau of Labor and Statics are just frightening and hurting all Minnesotans.

  • Unleaded Gasoline up 49%
  • Energy up 38%
  • Food At Home Up 13.9%
  • Meat Poultry Fish and Eggs up 17.5%
  • Household Energy up 19%


The Governor has arrogantly dubbed his inflation relief package as “Walz-Checks” in an executive order gimmick in an election year. Instead of bringing relief to taxpayers, the Governor will instead arbitrarily redistribute money as he sees fit in an attempt to show action. In reality, this will provide little relief when Minnesotans are paying more for everything from powering their homes, to putting food on the table and clothes on their backs.

Even King Banaian, Dean of the School of Public Affairs at St. Cloud University, recently warned It bears repeating: if you are fighting inflation, giving tax rebates is going in the wrong direction. Even if you’re a state government.”

Taxing the People of Minnesota

Governor Tim has been a long-time advocate for tax increases. He has recently claimed that he never raised taxes. Thank goodness. This is a good time to remind everyone that the Governor actually proposed a tax increase on gasoline and wanted to tie it to inflation. If it weren’t an election year, this would be a proposal again.


In 2021 Minneapolis set the highest murder rate seen in 20 years and 2022 is on pace to be even worse. Nearly 100 people from the city will not see 2022. But the problem is a statewide problem. Carjackings, home robberies and property crimes are all up. Carjackings in suburban communities have tripled.