Unethical Pay-to-Play Tactics Called out by Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Chair Bill Ingebrigtsen

St. Paul, MN — Despite a well-known law prohibiting Legislators and the Executive Branch from raising funds from lobbyists or PACs during the legislative session, the Minnesota DFL Party has invited lobbyists to a fundraising Meet and Greet with key state DFL leaders. The invitation asks lobbyists to contribute to the DFL State Party and in return receive meeting time with high-profile leaders such as Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, Speaker Melissa Hortman and Maj. Leader Kari Dziedzic. The invitation has raised questions over the legality of such an event with many concerned the pay-to-play structure is a circumvention of the law that essentially funnels special interest money into DFL coffers to bankroll their extreme agenda.

In a statement, Former State Senator and member of the Senate Ethics Committee, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Chair of the Foundation for Minnesota’s Future said, “It’s appalling to watch DFL politicians openly break the spirit of the law for their own political gain. Asking lobbyists to write checks in the middle of a legislative session in exchange for access to elected officials is at best egregiously unethical and at worst breaks the letter of Minnesota’s campaign finance laws. The reckless actions by Ken Martin and the DFL Party fly in the face of our campaign finance laws, laws meant to keep undue influence over our elected officials out of Minnesota. A full and thorough investigation into the actions of the DFL are necessary to uphold the integrity of our campaigns and elections.”

The Foundation of Minnesota’s Future is a non-profit and non-partisan grassroots organization with a volunteer Board of Directors formed to inform and educate Minnesotans about the policy decisions made at the State Capitol and the impact they have on the everyday lives of the people of Minnesota.