Statement from former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek on Minneapolis Vote to Dismantle Police Department

St. Paul, Minn – On Tuesday, November 2nd, Minneapolis voters voted against the referendum to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Board member and former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek released the following statement:

“Minneapolis residents rightly voted against the outrageous and dangerous attempt to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.”

“When Governor Walz failed to act and allowed 1,500 businesses to be looted or destroyed during the 2020 riots, it unleashed a flood of lawlessness that made last year Minneapolis’ second-deadliest year on record. Homicides are now skyrocketing beyond that in the city, and this year it is on track to beat the 1995 record when Minneapolis was dubbed ‘Murderapolis.’ Just last week, it was reported violent carjackings in Minneapolis are up almost 40%.”

“To suggest that Minneapolis dismantle its police force while crime consumes the city was worse than foolish. There was never a detailed plan on what would happen after Minneapolis Police Department was dismantled, nor how their proposed ‘public safety department’ would protect its residents. Minnesotans need to realize how dangerous this crude experiment could have been at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives in Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities if it passed.”

“Even as crime organizes, Walz and his allies want to disorganize the very institutions charged with protecting us. Minnesotans are being assaulted, robbed, and murdered, and Governor Walz, Mayor Frey, and Mayor Carter continue to do nothing about public safety and the crime epidemic plaguing our cities.”

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