Statement by Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Chair on Legislature’s Action to End Walz’s Executive Authority

ST. PAUL, MN — The Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Chair, Kevin Poindexter made the following statement in response to the legislature’s vote to end Governor Walz’s executive authority.

“After 472 days, the legislature took action to remove the executive authority powers from Governor Walz. In a clear overreach of his authority, the Governor’s latest executive action was to undermine our local police using money meant for COVID relief efforts. Minnesota is the only dived legislature in the country to take such action. It’s unfortunate that it took this long to return control of our Government back to legislative representation that can hold the Governor accountable. It will take years for Minnesota to recover from some of the Governor’s actions.”

The Foundation for Minnesota’s Future is made up of everyday Minnesotans who are concerned about the direction of the state. Over the next few months, the Foundation will be building a broad and diverse coalition and will communicate with Minnesotans about the policies and outcomes affecting the state.To learn more about the Foundation for Minnesota’s Future, visit