Governor Tim Walz’s

Report Card

Public Safety

Governor Walz refused to provide adequate resources to law enforcement to put a stop to riots in Minneapolis last year. His lack of leadership enabled lawlessness that continues to this day.

He continues to push and promote policies that seek to defund police agencies and he supports an extreme anti-police narrative that is detrimental to public safety. Since Governor Tim Walz took office Crime in Minnesota is up across the board.

Real-time crime stats show this year alone Minneapolis and St. Paul are facing murder rates that are approaching record-highs. A group of residents in Minneapolis wrote a letter to the governor requesting the national guard to help police what they call a “warzone” but again he refused those cries for help.

Despite all of this, Governor Tim Walz continues to embrace the radical anti-police movement that is making Minnesota less safe. Their efforts have put pressure on local governments to defund their law enforcement programs and spurned more than a dozen police “reform” measures.


Forty-one percent of our state’s budget is dedicated to education funding. That’s roughly $20 billion for E-12 education for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, a 6.8% increase from 2018-2019. At 41% of our state’s budget, education consumes a larger share of spending than public safety, transportation and health and human services combined.

At $13,387 in annual per-pupil spending, Minnesota spends more than the national average ($12,612).

According to the Minnesota Department of Education, only 53.9% of students met or exceeded state standards for math proficiency in 2019. In 2016, close to 60% of students met or exceeded those standards.

The schools have become so dysfunctional and inept they face declining enrollment rates so much that public schools are being forced to shut down.

Taxes – Economic Inflation

Today, Minnesotans are being forced to live with less. While wages have stayed stagnant or even declined during the pandemic, failed economic policies have driven inflation up.

Economic inflation is putting Minnesota’s economy on the brink but Governor Tim Walz has a clear history of asking Minnesotans to pay for more government. In fact, during every legislative session since taking office Governor Walz has asked for tax increases. Governor Walz even proposed a gas tax on every Minnesota driver and then later implemented California-style emission standards that will raise the costs of all Minnesota vehicles.

Even during the midst of the pandemic earlier this year Governor Walz proposed a tax on Minnesota businesses and an income tax on Minnesotans.