On a Call from Finland, Governor Tim Walz Admits Emergency Powers Are “Political”

On a Call from Finland, Governor Tim Walz Admits Emergency Powers Are “Political” and the Current Politics Don’t Suit Him – While COVID Cases in Minnesota Are Exploding

St. Paul, MN — Governor Walz, currently on a European tour, held an update with reporters via phone call.

The Governor made a shocking admission when reporters asked about a return to the one-man rule emergency powers he held at the beginning of the pandemic for nearly 16 months.

From the Minnesota Star Tribune,  “It was a tool that worked incredibly effectively pre-vaccine,” Walz said of the emergency powers. “But it comes at a cost both to the public and it comes at a cost obviously, politically. And don’t take light that this is politics about an election, it is politics about effectiveness.”

In response to the Governor’s admission Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Chair Kevin Poindexter issued the following statement.

“I’m sure the Governor is handling very important business in Finland that can’t wait while our hospitals are being overrun under a surge of COVID cases. However, the people of Minnesota should be outraged by the Governor’s admission today that while he held emergency powers for more than 400 days and told us to follow the science, we know now that it was political science he was following the entire time. The current surge in cases doesn’t fit his politics right now especially while he is on his taxpayer-funded tour of Europe. I hope the Governor will clarify these remarks, maybe from his secret email account while he continues his travels outside of Minnesota.” 

Data posted on Tuesday showed Minnesota with the highest seven-day case rate in the entire country.

Further reports from the Minnesota Department of Public Health reveal ICU capacity at critical levels. The situation is so dire that Federal emergency medical teams will be called in to help staff local hospitals.