Foundation for Minnesota’s Future Chair “Time To Sound the Alarm Bells On Education”
St. Paul, MN – – A shocking report released last week by the Minnesota Department of Education revealed some alarming news. Students are falling further behind where they were last year in more than 300 schools across the state.
Overall rates showed students falling further behind in statewide assessments in almost every category over last year and declining in every category since 2018.

Reading: Decrease from 52.5% to 51.1%
Math: Increase from 44.2% to 44.8%
Science: Decrease from 43.1% to 41.3%

A statement following the news from the chair of the Foundation for Minnesota’s Future, Bill Ingebrigtsen stated, “It’s time to sound the alarm bells on education. We have enough concerning data that our children are falling further behind and they are suffering mentally. The Governor and his party have been beholden to special interests and the unions for so long that they have completely ignored the needs of our students. As a State, we are failing our students. The data is clear and it’s time to take action.”

The Foundation of Minnesota’s Future is a non-profit and non-partisan grassroots organization with a volunteer Board of Directors formed to inform and educate Minnesotans about the policy decisions made at the State Capitol and the impact they have on the everyday lives of the people of Minnesota. They have been highly critical of the policy decisions of the Governor’s response to dealing with rising crime rates and fiscal policy

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