ANNOUNCEMENT: New Group Formed to Watchdog Elected Leaders and to Provide Voice to Minnesotans

ST. PAUL, MN — Today, a new organization announced its intention to give Minnesotans a stronger voice in their government. The Foundation for Minnesota’s Future will deliver information to Minnesotans about the decisions of Governor Walz and his legislative allies, the outcomes of those decisions, and how they affect the people of Minnesota.

“Our goal is to inform and educate the public about the policy decisions made by our elected leaders and the day-to-day impact they have on our lives,” said Chair Kevin Poindexter. “The residents of Minnesota have lived voiceless for more than 470 days of unbridled executive authority by this Governor and his administration.”

“During that time, Minnesota has experienced life-changing events such as a pandemic, civil unrest, a complete shutdown of our economy, skyrocketing crime rates, and numerous pieces of legislation and behind-closed-doors deals that will drastically affect people’s lives. Throughout all of this, Minnesotans’ hardships and concerns have fallen on deaf ears. People feel they are no longer heard by the very people and institutions they are told to trust. It’s time to change that,” he concluded.

The Foundation for Minnesota’s Future is made up of everyday Minnesotans who are concerned about the direction of the state. Over the next few months, the Foundation will be building a broad and diverse coalition and will communicate with Minnesotans about the policies and outcomes affecting the state.
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